College Dorm Room MUST HAVE - Mini-Futon!

You don’t have a lot room in your dorm room and you need some place to sit! This Mini-Futon from DormCo is perfect for saving space and having a nice place to sit or lay down. Great for guests!

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14 thoughts on “College Dorm Room MUST HAVE – Mini-Futon!

  1. Yeah, this futon sucks. I'm 5'2", and I could maybe sleep on it in fetal position. And there's no way to re-position the back or arms. Once you put the back up so you can sit on it, it loses the capability to lay flat. Also, the upholstery wrinkles when it's folded upwards. That's why the one in the video is black; that way, you can't see the wrinkles.

  2. That does look pretty comfortable. Might have to get one for my own place. Smooth move on the girl, Jeffrey. Smooth move.

  3. Lol smooth moves with your "friend" on the futon, haha! Great, funny vid! I'm loving all the DormCo videos with you in them Jeffrey. You sell their products with humour and ease, well done! πŸ™‚

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