Electronics engineer Darren Myers is responsible for designing many recent P.S. Audio products. He’s finishing up the new P.S. Audio Stellar phono preamp. At AXPONA 2019 AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer sat down with Mr. Myers to discuss the new phono preamp. He also learned that Myers was influenced years ago by an email exchange with Fremer that helped set him on a positive career path. More very soon from AXPONA 2019.

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  1. Hi Darren was a pleasure to see this interview Mike F youtube Channel, Audio planet, i'm am an Electronics Engineer with a Passion For Audio , still trying to find my Dream job at middle age , my Passion for Vinyl/ Audio /CD with a electronics knowledge and hobby from mid 1980's , would love to contact you and have a Chat

  2. and…but, no kidding, this guy is great! There is no mistake what is driving him. Ps audio have a great future with him. Great work, Paul!

  3. Had two of their hybrid amps fail on me set one in for repair still didn't fix it right. Anaconda like power cords. Over priced entry level products Assembled in China. It's a world of quantity over quality and for quality you have to take out a second mortgage on your house.

  4. Has anyone done any measurements and graphs of pre and pro ringing arising from analog vinyl? Is this a physical impossibility? And does this start to explain why Vinyl remains so popular? Acoustically speaking resolution isn’t everything but pre esp and pro ringing are significant contaminants in audio reproduction?

  5. Great interview, thanks for sharing.With designer/engineers like Darren Myers the future of home audio looks promising.

  6. But why use surface mount electrolytics not a good idea one of the worst capacities you can get. Nice to see some valves in amplification
    What did you think of those speakers I've had a listen through YouTube not that impressed you going to give your opinion I'd like to hear it I'm sure it's honest you were there Michael

  7. The 700+ parts in the upcoming PS Audio phono preamp don't make sense in any way, shape, or form — it's such a simple engineering task, how could anyone manage to make it so complicated and costly? Oh well, I guess I was kidding myself when I so joyously enjoyed all those LPs back in the day via my old SAE preamp's primitive phono stage….

  8. Daniel Meyer published an article on making discrete component op amps for audio in the July 1972 issue of Wireless World! The old is new again 🙂

  9. Enjoyed the interview! Darren Myers shows passion for designing PS audio equipment and realizes the ultimate test for great equipment is between our two ears. Thanks Michael for inspiring a smart and intelligent audio engineer who loves music and designs excellent audio gear made in America. Paul McGowan knows how to hire the right people – agree with the boss when he's right but stick to your guns and tell him when he is wrong!

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