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drawing art artist

The reference/study photos were from

the prince photo was hard to find the original source
but here is where i got it
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  1. Im ordering essays there BUY ES SAY. GQ (without spaces) for 2 years, their service is wonderfull!

  2. First of all she said she hates people 😡👿and second one that White PEN isn't a white pen it's Whitner that is used for mistakes girl learn something 😌

  3. Shes like…."i didn't memorise it"…..5 seconds later….i kinda memorised it so i know where the black is"……..i mean

    Then shes like….."these pencils are special and darker because theyre faber castell"………and im like…..its because theyre a 8b not because theyre special🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. This sucks. You literally glanced at everything you were going to buy before blindfolding yourself and your friend answered your questions about colors. You should've walked in blindfolded, grabbed the items, then had your friend pay while you waited outside. That way we could've gotten your true reaction on camera instead of this mess. Thumbs down and sadly, this is my 2nd time watching so I don't think I'll be continuing.

  5. you guys are cheating and you are not supposed to tell the other person where they are and you're not supposed to lead the person so no offense but I give this video a thumbs down

  6. In India that white liquid pen are known as correction pen in India I use them to correct my mistakes in my notes

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