Today I’m sharing my top 10 art supplies or accessories. These are all tools that I find useful to have on hand. Most of them work with multiple media and I thought it would be fun to share these today and you might find something in the video that will be a useful addition to your studio:)

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Supplies mentioned in today’s video – most of them are unbranded and can be found online.

Acrylic blocks
Water mister bottle
Ink dropper bottle
Marker Airbrush – We R Memory Keepers
Kneaded Putty Eraser – Faber Castell
Paper Stumps
Multi Pencil Sharper – T’Gall
Pencil Extenders – Derwent
Eraser Pencil – Faber Castell
Sponge Daubers
Silicone Brushes
Masking fluid or drawing gum – I’m using Pebeo in the video

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20 thoughts on “10 Useful Art Supplies to Have – My Top Ten Art Accessories

  1. The kneaded eraser sounds good for the “line art” idk what to call it cause I’m just looking at traditional drawing XD but I found out light boards basically you can put the sketch there and tape another paper on top to line out your art

  2. Are the sponge daubers easy to clean? About how long do they last before you have to replace them?

    Another great thing about kneadable erasers and paper stumps is that once they get really dirty, you can actually draw with them! Have you ever tried chamois? Also great for softening and lightening graphite marks (or for drawing with once it gets filthy)…since it is an animal product though, some people shy away from using it.

    Finally…General makes a eraser pencil that’s sort of a clicky, mechanical-pencil style (only with a long skinny tube of eraser rubber inside instead of lead), and I find that it erases much better than the Faber-Castell eraser pencil. It’s called the “Factis Mechanical Eraser”, and I love mine! Been using it for more than 10 years now, and the rubber inside lasts a surprisingly long time (but buying refills is still a good idea, LOL). It’s also great for traveling with, because you can retract the eraser back into the barrel, and it won’t get dingy inside your pencil pouch.

  3. Thanks for sharing information regarding all these accessories 🙂
    Specially -Marker Airbrush , Kneaded Putty Eraser, Multi Pencil Sharper, Pencil Extenders,

    Eraser Pencil and Silicone Brushes.
    I was really wondering what the silicon brushes were used for.
    And also thanks for sharing information regarding pencil Sharper too and i will definitely buy it too. Thank you 🙂

  4. When I found out you had one of them silicone brushes I was strangely relieved.

    I thought I was the only one who used masking fluid with the brushes instead of acrylic or pottery.

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