Today we have a bunch of bonus Dorm Room Takeover projects for you! Learn some storage hacks, easy DIY projects, and some no-bake snack ideas!

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20 thoughts on “Easy Dorm Room Storage, Decor & Food Hacks! – #DormRoomTakeover – HGTV Handmade

  1. The soda tab hanger is genius! Thank you!!! I'll now be able to hang twice the amount of stuff in my dorm closet this fall!

  2. i enjoyed this video but my complaint is that it's TOO full of cool ideas! it went by a bit too quick to follow, i feel like each section could've been it's own 4min video

  3. What concerns me about the ping pall ball light is that there is no hold for the 'heat' to escape.  Or are these so small that it's NOT a concern? … for the avocado toast; might be easier to eat if you smash the avocado and use it as a spread.  Then the other ingredients will 'stick' to the toast much better.

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