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20 thoughts on “The Game of Life and How to Play It – Audio Book

  1. Book Summary: Nothing can stop God from doing good for you, except for everyone including yourself. Oh yeah, and if a orphaned child gets sold into sex slavery, it's the mother's fault for having impure thoughts

  2. Feeling abundantly blessed to have come across this book. 😇 And much more delighted to have come across this audio. I listen to this on my way to work, when I am traveling to some place. May god bless you and your team.

  3. Kindness in everything would be a start. A thought, any thought has the ability to magnify into reality. As above so below. One can't have the sweet without the sour. Your mind is all that you are.

  4. so i used to listen to this book EVERYDAY and my life was full of abundance and prosperity, (don't get me wrong it still is) however i did a little experiment … just to see if the (law of attraction is real) and let me say it does! My life has truly shifted, I believe because i STOPPED, LIFE AND DEATH is in the power of the tongue!!!!! Proverbs 18:21

  5. Then why do loyal people end up with cheaters and things like that, this I don't understand. How are they the same. Such as a kind person who ends up with a person wearing a mask which the person only reveals once the kind person is hooked to this false illusion. How does this explain all that?

  6. Practice These Affirmations and see what happens…Get Ready For Miracles That Follow Miracles….I am a living witness…i forwarded this to 3 ppl that i work with….but they are not ready yet…😞

  7. I Have read her book which stunned me when I realized that she wrote this book in the 1800's…i have applied certain affirmations in this book that resonated within my spirit n soul…i have seen dramatic unexpected manifestations of that which I was affirming….my oldest daughter turned me on to this book along her 2 other books…secret doors to success and your word is your wand…..highly recommended if you are tired of struggling…tired of paying tithes to a man without a sincere purpose to help the less fortunate…i give…but i give when i am prompted in my spirit to do so…keep your collection plates away from me bcuz wen me n my family needed help from the church(s) that i financially supported got no help whatsoever….i was heart broken and bruised by their lack of concern for us…i walked out of tbe church doors and never looked back… I follow Christ and The Real Church that resides within me….my life has changed for the better… more brow beat downs and guilt trips from the wolves in sheep's clothing.

  8. What about those that are complete asses and win or get away with murder and those that always do the right thing lose? I have observed this countless times and cannot comprehend why? This paradigm does not fit with "spiritual law"?

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