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Between February and October 1919, Nikola Tesla submitted many articles to the magazine Electrical Experimenter. The most famous of these works is a six part series titled My Inventions, which is an autobiographical account of Nikola Tesla’s life and his most celebrated discoveries. This work has been compiled and republished as a stand-alone book several times under different names, but has been a cause of some controversy due to some versions deviating from the original text without explanation. This audiobook returns to the original text as they were published in 1919. (Summary adapted from original summary by Kane Mercer)

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Chapter listing and length:

01 My Inventions Part 1: My Early Life by Nikola Tesla

02 My Inventions Part 2: My First Efforts at Invention by Nikola Tesla

03 My Inventions Part 3: My Later Endeavors. The Discovery of the Rotating Magnetic Field by Nikola Tesla

04 My Inventions Part 4: The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer by Nikola Tesla

05 My Inventions Part 5: The Magnifying Transmitter by Nikola Tesla

06 My Inventions Part 6: The Art of Telatomatics by Nikola Tesla

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15 thoughts on “MY INVENTIONS by Nikola Tesla – FULL AudioBook | Greatest AudioBooks

  1. Great mind this Tesla …. but he had some ridiculous concepts too, like the levitating cars and the ring around the equator.

  2. It's always a pleasant surprise to receive notifications that you've posted a great audiobook again 😊

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