On Black Friday I went to Michaels art and craft store and purchased loads of new art supplies. You all asked for a haul so here it is! The huge sale happens once a year and every time it comes around I stock up on canvases, markers, storage, and more! I bought some awesome sketchbooks too which I’m excited about!

artist huge art supply haul black friday cheapest art supplies ever sale cheap


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  1. I know its been weeks since this was uploaded (I'm a recent subscriber) but the Rolling Cart is the most amazing thing ever!! I have one and it is overflowing between my embroidery supplies, bullet journal supplies, and regular art supplies (I had to ask for a new one this Christmas crossing my fingers

  2. secret michaels the corporation doesn’t want you to know: the best sales are in the middle of the year (this is coming from a michaels employee)

  3. How cool is that to be recognized⁉️ I’d love to see every time you go art supply shopping. It looks like so much fun and you get so excited.

  4. Micheals still has this sale on canvases, and almost all of their sketchbooks were sold out yesterday. I bought canvases lol

  5. As soon as you "hit" your desk. My speaker went off. I started laughing because I thought you'd done something to temporarily mess up your mic/sound and then I was distraught because when you started talking I couldn't hear the audio. Then. I realised. It was my speaker.

  6. this reminds me of when i bought about $600 worth of art supplies but because the store was moving i ended up getting everything for like $300 and i was so happy with myself i wish i had that type of money again

  7. What happened in the 7:10 mark? XD i laughed too hard because of your facial expression!!! Anyhow I envy you! I'd LOVE to have a Michaels in Puerto Rico! ;-;

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