I have never seen this stuff at the dollar store before?! They had acrylic paint tubes, paintbrushes, and a canvas! So I did my best to make art with these cheap supplies…how do you think they did?!

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  1. i love this, how you actually tried. i think other art youtubers who do ‘cheap products vs professional products’ are over reacting cuz you can obviously do good. But it also depends on what they use but i really like what you did with your art!

  2. Max has a smile that says that he's holding The Grinch hostage and won't release him until given $1 million in unmarked bills and 17 children as sacrifices.

  3. one thing to rly think about.. if you introduce kids to art or colorig in general, if you give them shitty supplies they will hate it just as much as you did working with those crayola paint brushes. and if they are frustrated, they wont get into it at all. theres no chance. i remember when i was young i only had shitty colored pencils and i would press so hard on the paper in my coloring books that the paper ripped. i just wanted to get proper pigment on the paper so badly i didnt mind hurting my hand to get it. but with most of my poor pencils i had bo chance to get nice color down and i was very frustrated about it. i only got back into art and colored pencils as an adult like 15 years later. i let my inner child out and i am spoiling my younger self with good pencils nowadays and god, do i love coloring nowadays. guess thats why my pencil collection is worth more than my car, lol.

  4. Well, im probably gonna get dollar store paint for playing with but for paintins I wanna see I'm gonna stick with tye expensive stuff 😭 lol in all honesty I just don't have the patience to work with bad paint to make it work i prefer sculptures and building painting is just for fun and for people who wanna pay for a painting lol but I don't charge alot mostly just enough to rebuy whatever paints I used up lol (I suppose there's a reason why the old saying is 'starving artist' lol 🙃)

  5. Sketching is the absolute WORST most boring part in my opinion lol but I can't get over the feeling of looking at my finished artwork and feeling like wowed that I did it like I Made that wow (but most of the time I hate my work and it only grows on me after people just start gushing over it lol) I am my own worst critic 😥

  6. Sometimes cheaper paints are better. I think that expensive does not mean good😊 And I used many paint brands, so I know what I'm saying.

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