In this video i walk you through my morning routine! This is a bit more raw / VLOG style, let me know how you like it! Follow me on Instagram for daily wellness routine tips:

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20 thoughts on “My Health and Wellness Morning Routine | Dr Mona Vand

  1. I"m sorry, you look like a very nice person, however, #1. People do not wake up looking like that in the morning. You have already been up to put make-up on. #2. Your a doctor and you drink acidic water out of PLASTIC water bottles?? #3. Do not say "raw" because people don't normally live like this. Most have kids and have to move a little faster to get going. You should have a Kangen Water machine in your kitchen and should be eating fruit first thing in the morning "after your fast." It is the easiest thing to digest. Not veggies first. #4. This makes me want to start a You Tube and do it right:) No offense, it's great for those 22 year olds who have nothing better to do.

  2. Whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
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  3. I am astounded by the amount of nasty comments towards this woman. Look, the average person may not have time for this in the morning but the title does state MY Health and Wellness Morning Routine. She's not saying at all that everyone has to adhere to this, but what she is doing is sharing ways to be healthy for us to incorporate in our own routines whatever they may be.

  4. Thanks for this video …I love the depth of your philosophy….I’m 40 years old and identify with a lot of your personal tips…people think I look like 24 because of them…this just reiterated to keep on doing what I do….also can you let me know your thoughts on dry brushing ….you have one of the healthiest complexions ….stay sweet x

  5. Reality check: most people have to send kids to school and rush to work!
    I seriously don’t know what kind of doctor she is but I have yet to meet one who has so much time on her hands
    I don’t mean any disrespect she’s gorgeous and very informative but not realistic at all for an average person

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