Today I opened a giant box of art supplies that cost me , it was a fun mystery box for me because while I had a general idea of what was in there – I didn’t know exactly what product sets and such would be included! It was like a subscription box minus the subscription…and I got my moneys worth! Almost 0 worth of art supplies for .



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  1. I don't really make fan art for myself but I do make it for my granddaughter and I don't see anything wrong with it at all. Timothy, below, said it so much better than I could. You will probably never see the one scene or pose you like being sold so you can make your own.

  2. If I remember well, the problem with fanmade products is that usually companies don't allow people to use their IPs to make a profit from it. So when you sell fanart or get paid to do it you are, most of the time, infringing a copyright.

    That said, I personally don't see any problem with fanart, or fanmade products in general. It's a good way to practice art, writing or whatever you're doing without having to think about the subject.

    I also consider it kinda like an unintentional advertisement, because you are "promoting" (I don't know a better word to use in this case) something to people who possibly know nothing about it and may get interested in it.
    For example that's how I discovered a lot of the videogames series I follow nowadays.

  3. Does anyone else notice that Micky has 4 fingers and is flipping us all off? Love the drawing though. Just wanted to poitn that out

  4. That would be cool to see if there are any art supply gift sets worth buying because a lot of them aren't, unfortunately.

  5. I've found that the erasers that come with the pencil packs from Derwent work well for erasing colored pencils. Also, harder erasers work well as well. The Tombow Mono works for getting up left over pigment after the initial erase because it doesn't continue to press into the paper.

  6. Another artist YouTuber, DrawingWiffWaffles, uses coloured pencils, usually pink, for sketching and markers (called felt tip pens in the UK, fun fact!) for colouring in for a large majority of her drawings. She swears by kneaded erasers and uses them to erase both pencils and coloured pencils. She only recently got some Copics and loves them because of how well they blend together from one colour to another, which is important for her art style. I hope this is helpful and answers some of your questions and I recommend checking her channel out!

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